We believe every child deserves to create their own roadmap to academic, social, and economic success.

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The Program

The Life Navigator School Program provides students with crucial executive functioning skills and life management tools that they will carry with them far beyond the classroom. Through a unique, holistic, advisory-based curriculum, we aim to bridge gaps of educational inequity and work towards a world of increased opportunity and economic mobility for all.

Our Curriculum

Sixth Grade

Executive Functioning
(planning, organizing, prioritizing, navigating disappointment and building buoyancy)

Seventh Grade

Executive Functioning + Exposure
(reimagining + developing
social networks)

Eighth Grade

Executive Functioning + Shared Experiences
(building community to enhance school engagement and sense of personal responsibility)

High School

Executive Functioning + Workforce Development
(developing skills to carry into college and life)

College + workforce development

Executive Functioning
(planning, organizing, prioritizing, navigating disappointment and building buoyancy)

The Life Navigator Program has been a huge asset to our students and school community! It is easy to tell students to “get organized” or “manage your time better,” but it’s another thing to know how to teach those skills. That is why the Life Navigator curriculum is so essential! ....Taking the time to be intentional with this work is helping empower our students in a way that impacts them immediately and will continue to drive their success throughout their lifetimes.... This has been a great partnership for our school!

– Rachael N., principal, Quail Hollow School, Charlotte, NC

Practical Experience Meets Scientific Research

The Life Navigator School Program grew from Ana Homayoun’s two decades of hands-on work with students, backed up by hundreds of hours of research. An educational innovator and author of four books working with students, Ana has been internationally recognized for her real-world insight and practical advice to students navigating the unique challenges of today’s fast-paced digital world. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the Atlantic, as well as on CNBC, ABC News, and NPR.

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