How We Work

Creating Pathways to Student Success and Well-being

The Life Navigator School Program addresses today’s unprecedented learning landscape by helping students build strong executive functioning skills– including organization, managing distractions, cognitive flexibility, and self-regulation.

Our program benefits students in grades K-12, and we offer different opportunities for supporting the development of these skills across school type and grade level:

Spark: Foundation + Needs Assessment

  • One school visit
  • Comprehensive needs assessment evaluating students’ schedule and breaks
  • Consultation on student planner and organizing tools
  • Professional development for administrators and educators on the transformative power of executive function in the classroom
  • Parent presentation on how to support executive function development and the skills that students need to thrive in an increasingly digital landscape
  • Student presentation on how by planning, organizing, and prioritizing, students can find 7-10 extra hours of free time

“The Life Navigator Program is a really great program. It provided our students with executive functioning skills that not only helped them with organizational skills but also with wellness. Executive functioning skills create access to upward mobility. … Overall, I would recommend bringing this program to every school.”
– Participating teacher, Charlotte, NC

Flame: Year 1

  • Personalized guidance and support in implementing new systems based on needs assessment, including and not limited to faculty professional development, parent/caregiver engagement and student presentations
  • Bi-weekly school coaching with administrative partner
  • Up to three school visits including classroom observations, faculty and administrator coaching, and big picture evaluation
  • Continued consultation on student planner and organizing tools, along with evaluation of daily school schedule 
  • Mid-year survey for faculty to evaluate key metrics
  • For Lower Schools (K-4th grades), the emphasis is on creating structured transitions, morning routines, spaces of silence, and increasing classroom space
  • For Middle and Upper Schools (5th-10th grade) introduction to the Life Navigator School Curriculum, which includes:
    • 30 interactive lessons, in a foundational sequence, to support the initial development of skills
    • Teacher’s Guide with lesson plans for each week
    • Slides for individual lessons to support implementation
    • Student handouts
    • Activities to develop executive functioning skills and support an authentic sense of belonging
    • Family Packet with resources for families
    • Professional development and parent education
    • Online access to all materials through several learning management systems

Flare: Years 2 and 3

  • Continued monitoring and measurement of the impact and identifying strengths and areas for growth and improvement
  • Faculty development for new teachers and access to portal of tools
  • Bi-weekly school check-ins with administrative partner 
  • Individual or group faculty coaching (optional)
  • Classroom observations and analysis (optional)
  • Access to additional lessons around social media and technology use
  • Additional professional development on topics including: inhibitory control, working memory, building classroom routines

Ablaze: Continual Support and Subscription

  • Access to all Life Navigator lessons and Social Media Wellness curriculum
  • Professional development for administrators, educators and mental health professionals
  • Self Assessment resources