How We Work

Creating Pathways to Student Success and Well-being

The Life Navigator School Program addresses today’s unprecedented learning landscape by helping students build strong executive functioning skills– including organization, managing distractions, cognitive flexibility, and self-regulation.

Our program benefits students in grades K-12, and we offer different opportunities for supporting the development of these skills across school type and grade level:

Spark: Assessment

Spark: Foundation + Needs Assessment

  • Initial school visit
  • Comprehensive needs assessment evaluating students’ schedules and breaks
  • Consultation on student planners and organizing tools
  • Professional development for administrators and educators on executive functioning skills, and how to support the development of skills in the classroom and school community
  • Parent/caregiver presentation on how to support executive function skill development in an increasingly digital landscape
  • Student presentation on how by planning, organizing, and prioritizing, students can find 7-10 extra hours of free time

“The Life Navigator Program is a really great program. It provided our students with executive functioning skills that not only helped them with organizational skills but also with wellness. Executive functioning skills create access to upward mobility. … Overall, I would recommend bringing this program to every school.”
– Participating teacher, Charlotte, NC

Flame: Year One
Flare: Years 2-3
Ablaze: Continual